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IMG_1892So, I’ve been meaning to post for a while, and a few times I have seen this conspicuous little container floating around the refrigerated section of the Duane Reade below my office (funny, I’ve worked in two separate buildings in New York City, and both of them have been above Duane Reades – whatever, convenient for lunch food when I’m feeling too lazy to make a bento.  ^^;; Anyway, while I was wandering around down there last week or so was when I got my first glimpse of these marshmallows – and what caught my attention is the little bunny on the front.  Normally, a bunny on the label means ‘cruelty free’ or ‘vegan’, so I’m always on the lookout … And vegan marshmallows aren’t something I’ve come across before in a local super market sort of store.  Well, I was down there again today and I saw this container again, so I figured eh, why not?  And I picked it up.  This little 6-and-a-quarter ounce container ran me $3.99, which I didn’t think was TOO outrageous … Even though an entire bag of regular marshmallows tends to cost that price … But whatever; it’s vegan and all sorts of other fancy things like non-GMO and Kosher and what have you, so they are allowed to sell you a little bit for a lotta money.

That’s how that works, right?

But I digress.

IMG_1893So, I purchased my after-lunch treat, along with a few other items, and headed back up to my desk, and immediately took a picture of the container before I did anything else, as you can see above.  Now, according to the label, there are four different kinds of marshmallows in this container, and that is true – the flavors are: vanilla, toasted coconut, strawberry, and cinnamon pecan.  However, as you’ll see in the picture to the left, I only took out three to take a picture of – the three specialty flavored ones, vanilla being the odd man out.  That was because that strawberry is a sticky one; the rest are firm and dry like regular marshmallows, but I am telling you those pink ones are as sticky as chewing gum!  I tried to get a vanilla one out, but the regular ones were just hopelessly stuck to the strawberry ones, and whenever I tried to separate them, the vanilla was pulled out of shape or stained or … I just gave up.  They are little white squares, it’s not like it’s gonna be a shocker; just imagine there’s another of the toasted cinnamon pecan ones without the nut on top.

So, right; that leads me to my first point; all four of them have a good firm consistency as far as touch goes except for the pink ones; they are very sticky.  They hold their shape alright if you leave them alone, especially if they are straight out of the fridge (did I mention these have to be stored in the fridge?) but as soon as they sit at room temperature for a few minutes, forget it; they stick pretty good to most things, including skin, tissues, themselves, desks …

But anyway; on to taste!  I was actually very pleasantly surprised as far as taste for all of them.  The vanilla tasted like a regular white marshmallow, the strawberry ones had a great strawberry flavor, the coconut one was pretty good but the actual marshmallow didn’t taste much like coconut, it really came from the toasted coating, and the cinnamon pecan one tasted mostly like cinnamon – I wish the pecan on top had been toasted as well, but it was just a chip of the soft meat of the nut, no crunch or heat applied previously.

However, the devil’s in the details, so the real question is – how was the texture?  And in 3 out of 4 of them, it was pretty spot on.  The vanilla, toasted coconut, and cinnamon pecan all boasted a nice firm consistency, and when I bit into them they made that sort of … spongey noise it makes when you bite into a regular marshmallow.  I was actually super surprised, because a lot of the time, vegan food substitutes taste alright, but the texture is totally wrong.  I will be the first to declare that this is not the case for these three marshmallows …

But now we have to have a chat about this strawberry marshmallow.

Because texture-wise, it’s sort of a train wreck.

IMG_1895Now, I mean that in the nicest way possible – I’m not trying to be mean.  But it’s pretty bad.  Like, I took a bite of it and it nearly made me gag bad.  First of all, it’s not firm at all.  It’s not … liquid or anything; as you can see from the picture above, it does hold it’s shape if you leave it alone.  But it has this odd slightly gritty soft vaguely gooey texture, kind of like slightly soupy uncooked cookie dough … And when I say that I almost gagged when I took a bite, that’s not a lie; I had eaten one of each of the other kinds, and strawberry was the last one.  So I assumed, since the texture of the others was so spot-on, that this one would be the same, so I was just expecting that slightly firm, spongy cloud-like consistency of the other ones … And then I bit into that sticky pink one and … Well it wasn’t good.

Which isn’t to say the flavor wasn’t good; as I said in an earlier paragraph, the strawberry flavor was very decent.  I have a feeling they probably flavor the strawberry ones with some sort of strawberry puree or something, and that stops it from being able to set properly or something.  And I did try eating a second one just to see if I had happened across a bad marshmallow or something … That one I couldn’t finish; texture was the same and my throat/mouth was not having it.  I’m big on the mouth feel of things, and these little pink devils were not particularly pleasant in that regard.

Now, if you follow my other blog, A Swiftly Tilting Bookshelf, then you know that in my reviews, I give a rating out of 5 stars and then I give a final verdict for whatever I’m reviewing/critiquing.  So, in accordance with that, I’m going to do the same thing here!

Rating : ★★★★☆

Final Verdict : They aren’t perfectly, exactly the same as marshmallows, but for a vegan substitute, they are pretty awesome.  I don’t really love that they are marshmallows, and I tried to sort of roll them or change their shape with a little force – but much like traditional marshmallows, they sort of just cracked, and whatever is on the outside (powdered sugar or corn starch or whatever that is) just sort of fluffed off a bit and it just didn’t make a good shape.  Of all of them, I liked the strawberry flavored ones the least – which was too bad because they really do have a nice flavor, but I cannot get past that terrible mouth feel they have. My favorite were definitely the toasted cinnamon pecan ones, though like I said I do wish that the little chip of nut on top  was actually toasted in some fashion.  But the cinnamon flavor was good!


PF105 two part Large LogoWhy hello there my lovelies 🙂 I am in fact, contrary to popular belief, alive and kicking – my job is just super demanding, and I haven’t had much time to even think as of recently, with my new exercise regiment.  ^^;; I’ve joined the gym near where I live – surprise surprise, it’s  a Planet Fitness (seriously, those things are creeping up everywhere – they’re like cockroaches xD)

Ok ok – hold on a second.

Let me back up and explain how this phenomena occurred with even more shocking news.

I have a Personal Trainer.

Spoiler Alert: I’ve been working with him for about 6 weeks. xD

Anyway; we are revisiting a table from last year – after the move to NYC and everything, I’ve decided to get back on the exercising/weight loss bandwagon.  I actually started at a higher weight than I’ve ever been before – 220lbs – because I gained a good deal of weight when I was in a pretty bad (and by bad I mostly mean depressing) situation, in which I became sedentary and had horrendous eating habits, such as eating whole boxes of twinkies while driving to work.

I was in a bad place, but I’m out of it now, and pretty adjusted to living on my own, so now I’m trying to get back to the healthy and such.  I lost a bit of weight since moving here because I walk around more – I got down to about 188lbs or so before it evened out; 32lbs from basically doing nothing but getting out of a depressing situation is pretty good huh? :] But not enough for me – that was when I decided I wanted to go back to trying to lose more weight.

There wasn’t enough room in my apartment when I tried doing TapOut again, so I’ve had to resort to going to a gym to get myself in shape.  And, I am REALLY bad at motivating myself to leave home to go to a different place to work out.  So I decided to invest in a personal trainer for 4 months to start me off on the right foot.

If anyone’s interested, I can post my total results – the first month was less than impressive; I actually ended up gaining weight (a whole 6lbs I think), but my BMI decreased, so clearly it was muscle weight.

Anyway; at the beginning of month 2 (week 5), I was 194lbs.  That’s when I joined Planet Fitness, in order to do cardio to start cutting weight – I try to get to the gym every day after work, but sometimes it only happens 2x/week.  However, I work out with Suli (my trainer) 3x/week, so it evens out to about 5days of exercise/week at minimum.

As promised, I’m revisiting a chart from last year I made when I was optimistic about exercise and such, before my life jumped off of a cliff.  Survived the fall, nearly drowned, and managed to paddle towards shore.  I haven’t quite made it to solid ground yet, but I’m working on it ^^;;

Desired Goal Reward for Meeting
Weight = 175lbs Gloves/Weapon(s) for Pirate costume
Weight = 160lbs New Exercise/Workout Clothes
Weight = 145lbs Supernatural Devil’s Snare Tattoo
Weight = 125lbs 1 week travel vacation! (Idk where yet xD)
Waist = 28″ OR BMI = 20-25 New Corset and/or Steam Punk Clothes
Personal Training 3x/wk 4mo Mini Dishwasher
Cardio at least 2x/week 1mo Admission/Plans for the Steam Punk World’s Fair
Cardio at least 2x/week 2mo New Bras/Underwear
Cardio at least 2x/week 3mo Light Box
Keep Food Diary Every Day for 1mo Admission/Plans for another Convention next year?

Hopefully this works out; it’s slightly less ambitious than the year’s worth of planning I did in the first post this table appeared in. ^^;; I tend to get obsessive about new, exciting ideas.

Tell me if anyone is interested in my workout progress as far as personal training and such, or if you want to know where I go, or anything like that.

And as always, remember, there’s no use boiling your cabbage twice!

– Cabbage

Gumi BentoSooo … this is the video I just uploaded, and as promised, I’ll include a recipe here.  One of the tags I used in the video was カレライス, which is not technically true because there’s no rice but … I mean, you can definitely use rice if you want instead of spaghetti squash – I just wanted to give you more options for your vegan bento box!

We’ll start with my recipe for curry spice, which is:

Curry Spice

2tsp Tumeric
1tsp Corriander
1tsp Cumin
1/2tsp Cardamon
1/2tsp Cayenne Pepper
1/4tsp Black Pepper
1/4 tsp Cloves
1/4tsp Cinnamon
1/4tsp Cocoa Powder

Ok; now I made this powder using the formula on this blog post – the ingredients above the line are the most essential ones, while the ones below the line, as you’ll see on that blog post, can be substituted out for other ingredients.  Try switching out the cloves for coffee or the cocoa powder for sage in the same proportions or something for a fun flavor experiment!  Either way, do be sure to keep the proportions relatively the same – the percentage breakdowns for the recipe above are roughly:

30% Tumeric
19% Corriander
19% Cumin
8% Cardamon
8% Cayenne Pepper
4% Black Pepper
4% Cloves
4% Cinnamon
4% Cocoa Powder

Which fits in with the proportion ranges detailed on that post, except the cayenne pepper which is a little higher in my recipe because I like a little spice in my curry; it took a bit of finessing to come up with proportions that equaled 2-3Tbsp of actual powder, but after some math I got the numbers to work out fine.  Substitute in whatever you want to though – if you want it less spicy take out or lessen the cayenne pepper and add another spice to make the amount of powder the same – for example, only use 1/4tsp of cayenne pepper and use a 1/4tsp of nutmeg as well.  Making quick little substitutions like that can really customize the flavor of your curry to your liking!

Alright, now for the actual recipe for the curry:

Fried Tofu: (Recipe taken from this blog post.)

1-2lbs Extra Firm Tofu, cubed
1-2Tbsp Safflower Oil (or other high heat oil)
1/2c Salt
3c Water

Curry Roux:

4Tbsp Vegan Margerine
5Tbsp Flour or Corn Starch
2-3Tbsp Spices (see above for my recipe)
1-2Tbsp Ketchup
1Tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce
3Tbsp Ponzu sauce (or Worcestershire sauce)


2 Medium Onions
2-3 Potatoes
1/2 bulb FEnnel
2 Bell Peppers (one orange, one yellow)
2 apples, peeled and cored
1-2Tbsp olive oil
2c Miso or other broth
1c Water
Salt to Taste

And, in case you missed it, here’s the video instructions on how to put it all together!


Not to brag or anything, but I totally think this isn’t too bad a job considering I am not trained in the culinary arts … Though that also means I don’t have a super developed pallet, so there could be subtle nuances I’m missing – also I haven’t had real cake in a while, so this might taste nothing like real cake … But it has that nice fluffy consistency that I remember cake having, and it can be any flavor a cake can be, so I count that as a win! :3  Anyway, here is the ingredient list:

1 Mug (all of the ingredients go into this mug :3)
3Tbsp + 1tsp Flour
1/4tsp Baking Powder
1/16tsp Salt***
2Tbsp Sugar
2tsp Vegan Margarine
1 Egg worth of prepared Egg Replacer
2tsp Water
1Tbsp + 1tsp Milk Substitute (Rice, Soy, Almond, etc.)
Flavoring as desired

***Really this is just a pinch of salt, but I hate it when recipes say stuff like that and don’t actually give a measurement of some kind, so basically this is just a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of salt … xD  I just wanted to give you SOME idea of how much I was putting in.

As for the flavoring, I added a 1/4tsp of extract to each of my trial cakes and they were certainly vanilla-y enough for me.  So I would suggest a 1/4tsp of any extract, and between 1/2 and 1 full tsp of any powder (like cocoa powder, matcha green tea powder, spices, etc.)  In the video example, I ended up using 1tsp Matcha Powder and 1/2tsp of Raspberry Extract for a Raspberry Green Tea cake (which I definitely suggest!)  Just sort of use your best judgement; but don’t add too much powder or it will make the cake to dry after you microwave it!

Likewise, if you add alcohol or juice to flavor it, if you add too much liquid you might need to adjust the cook time of the cake to account for it.  If you add a Tbsp of coconut extract and a Tbsp of pineapple juice for a pina coolada cake, you might have to add 15-30s on to the 2min cooktime I suggest in my video.

Speaking of cook time, I mentioned I would tell you what the wattage of my microwave was just so you know exactly what I’m doing in the video and how my cake was cooked.  My microwave is a Sharp .8 Cubic Foot unit with 800Watts of power.  So, if yours is more or less than mine, you also may need to adjust the cook time accordingly to keep your cake from burning or coming out gooey.

Aaaaand … if you happened to just find this post and have no idea what I’m talking about, why here; I have a video for you to peruse!  Just scroll down 🙂

To the rest of you, sorry for the wait on this post – and until next time, remember, There’s no use Boiling your Cabbage Twice!

❤ TwiceBoiledCabbage

World of Warcraft Donuts!

Go forth and make delicious donuts!  (Whether they are Vegan or not!) :]

In case you missed the video:

Here are the downloads I promised; click on the below link for the .pdf for 1doz toppers sized to fit the donuts from the tutorial, or right click and save as to get the individual pictures to resize as you please to fit whatever size donut or cupcake or cake that you want!

WoW Sigil Donut Toppers

Horde Alliance









Liquid Day 5: Soup Monster


Found this on the internet when I Googled “Soup Monster” … I thought it was really cute xD

… xD As the title might suggest, I actually have not gone through an epic battle with a monster born from my carton of cooked and pureed vegetables.  And whether that would be hilarious or terrifying is anyone’s call really.  But anway; not why we’re here.  We are here today because I once again woke up late. Though this time it was entirely my fault because I blatantly ignored all of my alarms, and I knew I was doing it at the time; I just didn’t really recognize the consequences at the time.  Basically it was like, meh, 5 more minutes … 10 more minutes … It’ll be fine … I’m still tired …

08425324054lAll the way from 4:30 to 7, because I had no idea what time it was.

Once again, the alarm clock in the other room is what what me up …

As such, I did in fact not have time to make juice … So instead, I brought soup with me to work again.  And, if you to the right you can see the soup that I brought with me.  It was pretty good; it needed some salt and pepper, but it as slightly sweet, and a little spicy, and I could taste some bell peppers I think … Or something like that.  I dunno, but it was pretty good.  Not as delicious as I imagined … And it didn’t look as delicious as the packaging suggests it should.  Not that anything ever does, but look at my comparison pictures.  Can you guess which one is the advertisement, and which I took with my phone? xD  I know it’s hard to figure out, but do your best; I’m sure you can figure it out …

Shells-with-Creamy-Butternut-Squash-Sauce 0110141432

However, despite it’s look, and the sad thinness of the soup as a whole (it was nowhere near as thick and creamy as it looked on the packaging) it wasn’t bad, and I ate half of it for breakfast, and half of it for lunch or so.  There’s a little left I’m bringing home, possibly for dinner, but for the most part I ate the majority of it and it was pretty good.

I also, for breakfast, got on the train with a water bottle full of 100% pomegranate juice.  Sort of citrus-y, and I think it has antioxidants in it (or at least that’s what the package said) so, it’s good for you and it was pretty delicious.  Also it took away my immediate food cravings upon leaving my house, so that was cool too.

Not much else to report today; TapouT will have to wait until tonight, and I have to get home fast because I have another raid … But I’m sure it will be fine ^^;;  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update, and Sunday’s video! ^-^

Sorry for the short post, but not a whole lot to report today since I’m lacking in the freshly juiced department … Tomorrow hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of how to juice a grapefruit without that terribly bitter taste …

Until next time, remember: There’s no use boiling your cabbage twice!

Juice Day 4: The Bitters

0109140717So … It’s day 4, and as you can see, this is what went into my juicer this morning.  A bag of carrots, a cucumber, 2 apples (one Fuji and one Red Delicious, though the second option was an accident – I must have picked it up when I was picking out apples at Whole Foods accidentally), 3 stalks of celery, about 2″ of peeled ginger root, about a 1/3 of that bunch of Dandelion Greens, and 1 grapefruit.

0109140728And I’m going to tell you right now – do not just peel your grapefruit, remove most of the pith, and putting it in your juicer, like unsuspecting, little old me did.  Because you will have the most bitter, stomach churning liquid you have ever tasted.  And the sad part was that it smelled so good … I love grapefruit, and it tastes fine … Until you get to that horribly bitter aftertaste D:  At first I thought maybe it was the dandelion greens, since I have never had them before … But then I was thinking about it while I was riding the train, and even if they were bitter – it’s like Kale; Kale doesn’t taste good raw – but if I juice it, it’s really not that bad a all, and most other flavors will override it … So I thought some more and remembered that pith is very bitter; it’s the white stuff on an orange or grapefruit or other citrus fruit.

Don’t.  Eat.  It.

Seriously – the only way I could drink this juice was to stop breathing through my nose so I couldn’t taste it.  And I could still feel the bitter on my pallet as I was drinking … … ^^;; It was pretty bad.  It’s noon and I’ve only finished half of my juice.  But I’m going to finish it – only because it’s not making me feel sick.  If this was upsetting my stomach or something, I wouldn’t be finishing it.  But it just tastes bad after a sip; otherwise it’s fine.

0109140730However, another  fun thing I tried today was straining my juice a bit, which you can see to the right just above this paragraph.  I actually ended up losing about 1/3 of the juice, but I also got a much smoother drink today – which makes a lot of sense if you could see primordial ooze that I  took out of my juice bottle ^^;; I mean, it was a good deal of the fiber I should be getting going down the drain but … it made for a better drinking experience (taste of the juice aside) so I am willing to lose it.  And, to combat this fiber loss, I just added some Flax Seed oil.  Adds the fiber back that I can’t stomach by swallowing a weird textured liquid sludge.

I am all for it xD

Btw, a picture of some of the sludge is to the left.  in the strainer, and in the glass bowl that is behind it – the orange bottle on the left of the picture is the juice that is already strained and clean.

0109140734Unfortunately, this process took a long time, and honestly I probably lost more juice than I needed to.  This is because I am impatient, and I filled the strainer with the raw juice every time I went to use it … Problem was, after about half of it drained, it got gunked up, and so the rest of juice that wasn’t fibrous and gross didn’t make it through – however, instead of straining this separately, since I was in a hurry, I just dumped it into the bowl, rinsed the strainer, and started again.  But, if you had a lot more time, you could strain it a second time, or if you had two strainers, you could strain the liquid left in the strainer before dumping it, or even go more slowly and strain a smaller amount at a time.

But yeah; so I ended up with about 900mL of juice, which you can see to the right – and I dunno if you can tell but there’s a lot less pond-scum looking foam on the top, and it is clearer, even though I started with enough liquid that it wouldn’t all fit in my bottle today. I knew I would lose some volume, so I purposely made a little more than I would need.  To the right you can see what I ended up with when I was done straining 5 minutes later.  Aaaaaaand … Because I was not juicing any more vegetables, I added about a cup, maybe a little less, of my Strawberry Guava juice both to sweeten it up a little and meet my 32oz quota.  You can see it below.


Now it’s time to … you guessed it; Count Calories!

Produce Amount Caloric Value
1 Fuji Apple 80 Calories
1 Red Delicious Apple 72 Calories
2″ Ginger Root 30 Calories
1 Cucumber 46 Calories
1 Grapefruit 82 Calories
Dandelion Greens 65 Calories
3 Stalks Celery 18 Calories
Baby Carrots 175 Calories
Strawberry Guava Nectar 150 Calories
Chlorophyll 15 Calories
Total: 733 Calories

Again, without those added calories of the red grapes, still about 100 calories short of Monday’s juice.  And like I say, this juice would have been MUCH better if I had taken the time to fully remove the pith of the grapefruit … Or at least I think it would.  I will try again on Saturday when I have more time to clean my produce before I juice it, since I don’t have to work – and I’ll let you know the results :3

And finally, at the bottom you’ll see …  You guessed it, more Chlorphyll (which I’m still pretty sure adds like, no taste or anything to these concoctions) but this is in today’s strained juice.  It looks a bit different from the last time I showed you, doesn’t it?  … In case you couldn’t tell, I added the earlier picture as well ^^;; The picture on the left is the original, and the picture on the right is today’s.  Besides being less full, you can see it’s missing that trademark pond scum it normally has …


Anyway; until next time remember: There’s no use boiling your cabbage twice.



So … Juice day 3.  Spoiler Alert: Hasn’t gone well so far.

Not for lack of trying just for … well, lack of sleeping, actually ^^;;

I was out late last night, (and, confession – I ate pasta and sauce, but a friend invited me over for dinner and her father is a chef, so I wasn’t turning that down for any reason … ^^; ) and I didn’t get home until late, so I didn’t go to bed until stupidly late … And suffice to say that my cell phone, that was right next to my head, didn’t wake me up.  I didn’t wake up at the 4:30 alarm, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, or 5:30 … The alarm that did wake me up is the alarm clock I set for 7:00 as a warning to get out of the shower and get dressed  so I can make breakfast and go to work.


2841188803Needless to say that TapouT, a Shower, and Breakfast?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I didn’t do any of those things – I didn’t eat breakfast until I got to work and ate the soup that I was supposed to eat for lunch 2 days ago.  (Don’t freak out – it was still packaged and everything.  It’s just in a waxed cardboard-type box package that you buy at the store; look to the right and you’ll see what’s been sitting on my desk).  And, word to the wise, though this one wasn’t my fault, even though the soup on the package looks like complete liquid, there actually were discernible chunks of red pepper in it.  At least I’m pretty sure it was red pepper; it didn’t seem like the same consistency as cooked tomatoes.

But either way, this wasn’t TOTALLY liquid … So you basically have to pick around the lumps, which there weren’t many, if you really want to … I didn’t, I just ate them mostly because I was nearly falling asleep in said soup, and I didn’t have the motivation to do much about it.

Ozeri ScaleAnyway; so now, I haven’t had any juice, and I haven’t done TapouT … So what now?  Pretty short blog post, huh?  Well, I did get another awesome thing today, which is exciting.  You will see it to the left.  It is an Ozeri Touch 440 lb Digital Bath Scale.  Which I am definitely stoked about, because previous to this, I did in fact not have a scale … And, this one is all fancy and calculates BMI and Hydration and … Well, whatever, it was on sale when I bought it and it does all sorts of fun things that I can play with.

So right;  I’ll keep you posted about that, because I’m sure it’ll at least be fun to play with, and the video for all of this is still up and coming due to my late night yesterday … But it’ll be here soon!  I promise! ^^;;  Probably tonight – keep an eye on my channel,

In the meantime, remember: There’s no use boiling your cabbage twice.

The leftovers from my juicing were striped today. xD

The leftovers from my juicing were striped today. xD

So … I didn’t get around to TapouT yesterday night (Monday), so I actually did the first day this morning.  And funny story; I haven’t done TapouT in almost a full year, but when I was working out … strangely – I needed the next resistance band up from the standard one that came with the original TapouT.  If you saw my video on TapouT (and if you didn’t you should definitely check it out here then you know that I bought some resistance bands for $5 from Five Below when I first started doing TapouT.  They were a lot cheaper than the official ones, and if they served their purpose great, and if they didn’t, well it was less than $20 into a wasted experiment.

Mmm ... 36 Drops of Chlorophyll ...

Mmm … 36 Drops of Chlorophyll …

Well, interestingly, because they were cheaper, they are shorter than the TapOut band – and they are made of stiffer, less bendable rubber.  Which means they are not as good quality – but it also means that as an accidental effect, they actually give more resistance … Like, a lot more resistance than the TapouT band I have.  Which is awesome for my purposes … So, in short, I started off with the red band that I purchased from Five Below because with the red TapouT band I literally felt like I was using nothing.

So, for that I felt cool.

Now; for things that are less cool.

We’ll start with my apartment.  And the fact that there really is no good open space to do this workout.  I was constantly rolling back and forth and kicking my plant and my coffee table, as well as hitting my face and shins on various desk legs and TV trays … So there was that.  I have to figure out better placement of thing, which is going to mean moving my desk around I think and getting rid of said TV tray and maybe … ick I dunno, but it’ll take some thought.  Another problem I realized?  Well, my heat is included in my rent.  Which is just dandy because my landlord keeps the temperature at a hellish level (literally there are times I feel like I am boiling in oil while sitting on my couch).  And that’s awesome in the winter when it’s 3 degrees outside, which it currently is some such ludicrous temperature, but … When you’re working out, not so awesome.  Went through 2 bottles of water this morning while working out and that was just taking breaks and stuff.  I chugged like, a lot of my juice when I first made it too.

Which brings me to another not so cool thing.  My juice concoction for today.  Because I learned a valuable lesson today – either have a SUPER high powered juicer than can handle broccoli, or strain it after you make it, because there are little tiny broccoli bud pieces all over this juice … To the point that I couldn’t finish it for today; I had to pour out the last few ounces or so. : /  If you look to the right, you will see what I put in today – and this is all of it xD  No last minute additions here.

0107140735Today we have:

– Half a head of Kale
– 1 Fuji Apple
– 1 Bosc Pear
– 1-1/2″ Ginger Root
– 1/2 Lemon
– 1 Cucumber
– 1 Broccoli Crown
– 1 bag of baby carrots
– 36 drops Chlorophyl
– 1/2c or so of water

And it actually tasted pretty good … But the texture was so frothy and bumpy that I couldn’t do it.  I’m not usually all about texture – I can stomach a lot of things, but … this was asking a little too much today.  I drank most of it – probably like 28-30 of the 32oz I had to drink, but … Ick.  So, lesson learned – if you are juicing broccoli, make sure you have a high powered juicer that will grind it up really fine, or else head over to your utensils drawer, get a strainer and go to town.  Maybe some cheesecloth if you are really fancy or well prepared in the kitchen area.  I’m not, but maybe you are. ^^;;

0107140745And again, there were pretty colors; this time they layered when I juiced them which was kind of cool.  Yesterday they just sort of mixed up together, and that was that.  This was just the fruit and carrots at this point, the kale and cucumber and stuff was afterwards but .. yeah – weird stripe-age.  Anyways.  So, what have I learned so far for juicing for a day?

Well, the stories were true; SO MUCH CRAVING FOR SOLID FOOD.  I was heating up the tomato soup I had to make for dinner last night, and I was like, OMG I WANT CRACKERS.  OR BREAD.  OR SOMETHING WITH THIS. GAAAHHH.  It was terrible. ^^;; But, I did manage to persevere after much persevering, and managed to sit down in front of my computer and just do my WoW dailies quietly without solid food.  I also indulged in a Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai tea with soy, which while not hot and delicious like the version I get from Starbucks (which I refuse to purchase when in the city because holy crap that price), still delicious and gave me a little extra protein and a few more calories to cram in my gullet so that I at least made my 1200 calorie intake.  Actually I hit 1300 but who’s counting? xD  Speaking of which, let’s figure out the calories for today so far, shall we?  There will probably be less because I forewent the grapes, but you never know …

Produce Amount Caloric Value
1 Fuji Apple 80 Calories
1 Bosc Pear 100 Calories
1-1/2″ Ginger Root 20 Calories
1 Cucumber 46 Calories
1/2 Lemon 15 calories
Kale 70 Calories
Broccoli Crown 75 Calories
Baby Carrots 175 Calories
Chlorophyll 15 Calories
Total: 596 Calories

Aand … well, not too bad, but missing that punch that the red grapes gave it yesterday for sure xD It’s almost 300 calories less, but that’s ok – still in an acceptable range, especially because I had another one of those delicious Vanilla Chai tea drinks, and they’re like, 300 calories a pop or something so … We’re good for the moment. I’ve still got at least one meal to eat and 5 hours before bed, so I’m sure I’ll manage another 300 calories or so by then.

That’s all for this update.  I’ll be back tomorrow after more TapouT with a new juice experiment.  Without broccoli.  Or, if with broccoli, then I’ll let you know how straining the juice goes.

Until next time, remember: There’s no use boiling your cabbage twice. :]

5_liquid_diet_68715232_full_1356731723Alright; HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE ^-^

So, to kick-start this new year, I have decided to start up TapOut again.  I think I can do it if I don’t stop in the middle like I did before for a little thing like getting sick … But that won’t stop me this time.

And, I’m kicking off my work out regiment with an all liquid detox for 7 days.  Or at least, I hope it lasts for 7 days; I am finding out that produce really doesn’t, well … produce … much liquid … So we’ll see.  Anyway, in my research, I found out some interesting facts and tips about liquid diets, and I figured I’d share the top 10 things I discovered here, since it was helpful to me …

Alright; when starting an all liquid diet, things to keep in mind:

1. You should be drinking between 64oz and 96oz of juice per day.

2. Try to consume upwards of 1600 calories per day, and absolutely no fewer than 1200!

3. Be sure to count calories to make sure you are eating what you should be.

4. Don’t drink anything freezing cold; drink things at room temp or a little cooler than room temp.

5. Mild headaches and strong cravings are normal for the first few days.

6. Drink at least 16oz of water following each juice meal. (2-3quarts/day)

7. Practice a strictly liquid diet for 7 days for a full detox; new juicers might do better w/3-4 days.

8. Try to add as much citrus to your juices as possible; citrus is great for detoxing.

9. Looking for something sweet?  Try making a fruit juice blend as a ‘dessert’!

10. Listen to your body!  If something seems really wrong, stop the detox!

Let me tell you, I have frequent headaches, so I wasn’t as enthused when I saw that headaches are common on a detox … But then I thought about it, and that sort of makes sense, because you’re getting rid of all the crap you have going on inside yourself, and that probably isn’t too easy to go through, or else there wouldn’t be all this junk gunking up your system in the first place, right?  So, I decided to go through with it anyway.  Today is my first day, and let me tell you what it took to make 32oz of juice for breakfast.

Into my JuiceMan Juicer, I p0106140654ut:

1c Pomegranate Seeds
2 stalks of Celery
1 cored Granny Smith Apple
1/2 Lemon
1 Cucumber
1/2 head of Romaine Lettuce
1/2 head of Kale
2 large handfuls of Seedless Red Grapes
1 Mango
5 or 6 Baby Carrots

At first I was only adding the ingredients you see in the picture.  Which doesn’t include the grapes, mango, or carrots – but there wasn’t enough juice!  (Note: if I made this juice again, I would add pears or red apples; something sweet, because the citrus and romaine lettuce were really overpowering) I had to dig around and find other things to add.  Even then all of that didn’t quite do it – I had to add about half a cup of water and some ice cubes to fill up my 32oz Nalgene waterbottle.  Which you can see below:

0106140718However, I couldn’t really think of anything else to add – I mean, I have a couple of grape fruits, some red apples, and some pears, but … all of this produce was supposed to last me a week, and right now I’m not even sure it’s going to last me 5 days!  And I have to stretch this to 2 meals every day.  Yeah, this ought to be fun. However, to be fair, it did make some really pretty colors in the little juicer cup thing when I was making it.

0106140658 0106140710  The picture to the left is the first half of the ingredients, so the pomegranate seeds, the apple, the celery, lemon, cucumber, and apple, while the picture on the right is  the other half the ingredients (romaine lettuce, kale, grapes, mango, carrots).  The cup is only a 16oz cup, so I could only juice half of my produce at a time in order to make up the 32oz I was going for for breakfast.

0106140712Anyway, another thing I added to my juice this morning that I thought I would share with you:  Chlorophyll. Yeah.  The green stuff you find in plants.  Apparently you can purchase a concentrated version of it to add into smoothies and juices and all of that good stuff.  The bottle I bought is the one to the left – it’s from Whole Foods, which was a great adventure I went on this past weekend, and was $12 … But since there are 33 servings, I wasn’t too worried about it. ^^;;

According to the package, it boosts your red blood cell count, which is sort of what iron does, and helps get oxygen to all the parts of your body that need oxygen … And I actually have pretty poor circulation, so it’s something I could use a little help with.  I dunno if this will help or not, but I counted out 36 drops of the stuff this morning and added it to my juice.

Also, can I tell you … It takes a LONG time to drink 32oz of juice, and then chug at least 16oz of water afterwards?  I started drinking when I made it at about 7 this morning, and I didn’t finish until about noon or so … And I keep fluctuating between feeling hungry and feeling really uncomfortably full … I’m pretty sure I’ve confused the hell out of my body pretty badly ^^;; But I don’t feel sick, and no headaches worse than normal, so … So far so good.  I’m sitting here, trying to decide if I want to eat the soup I brought for lunch … I’m sure I need the calorie intake, but I am currently feeling uncomfortably full, so I don’t think I want to put anything in my mouth …

Hell, let’s figure out how many calories I’ve eaten so far today.  I’m willing to bet it’s not very many … ^^;;

Produce Quantity Caloric Value
1c Pomegranate Seeds 145 calories
2 Stalks Celery 12 calories
Granny Smith Apple 80 calories
1/2 Lemon 10 Calories
1 Cucumber 46 Calories
1/2 Head Romaine Lettuce 30 calories
Kale 70 Calories
Seedless Red Grapes 250 Calories
Mango 145 Calories
Baby Carrots 75 Calories
Chlorophyll 15 Calories
Total: 878 Calories

Actually … that is a lot more calories than I thought … If I drink another one of these for dinner with a similar caloric intake, I’ll actually make the 1600 calories no problem … Wow.  I’m really surprised.  Especially with how many calories are in grapes o.o;; I had no idea that like, 2 cups of grapes was 250 calories.  That is ridiculous.  Especially because I know they have crappy nutritional value; they’re basically sugar and water, but they’re so delicious.

I guess at the very least this explains why I am so uncomfortably full now …

0106140714Also, the last thing I wanted to mention; I know the machine is a juicer. I know it’s job is to extract juice from produce, as much as possible, and leave behind all of the other junk. But, when I went to clean it out when I was done using it this morning, I was like, totally amazed. The contents of the like, rind and skin catch are to the right, and that is a lot of minced up junk sure … But I was mostly impressed with how dry all that stuff was. Like, it was almost chalky – there was almost no fluid left in it. It wasn’t like sandpaper or anything, but it was definitely extremely lacking in the liquid department, much more than I thought it would be. The only part that you can see a bit of water in is the edge that didn’t really go through the strainer thing – that’s the mango.  Oh also, ProTip? Make sure you take the rind out of the mango before you try to juice it. Like, that hard section in the middle? That doesn’t juice well. Learned that lesson today …

… You thought I wasn’t going to talk about it, didn’t you?

No, I didn’t forget about the second part of the title of this post … … I just don’t want to talk about it.  Because I am so NOT excited for TapOut this time around that … Well, it’s Monday, and I was supposed to get up early to do TapOut this morning … Yeah that didn’t happen.  Hitting snooze and staying in my extremely overheated bed is what happened xD But, I do plan on doing it when I get home from work today … I just really, really don’t want to.

Gotta think positive though; gotta stop saying that … I’m excited for TapOut!  Yaaaaaay TapOut!

… … … Yeah pretty sure that didn’t work.

But I’m gonna do it!  I have a goal!  TapOut I and TapOut II finished by July!  That is my goal.

This is going to be a long 6 months. >_>

Until next time (probably tomorrow), remember:  There’s No Use Boiling your Cabbage Twice.