No fun pictures today; I just wanted to give an update on my work out aspirations, and tell you how they’ve changed.  This should be a fairly short post, but we all know how I like to write, (and ramble …), so that probably won’t be the case.

Alright; so my plan has always  been to take it slowly and work out in ten minute intervals twice a day every other day during the week.  Basically, a 10 minute bike ride before work, and a 10 minute bike ride after work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.   And Monday that went alright; rode my bike before I took my morning shower, and then after I got home and ate, rode my bike the same amount after I finished writing my blog post.

Guess how I felt Tuesday?

Now, I’ve worked out before – I know what that sort of uncomfortable burning sensation you get in the body parts you worked the day or two afterwards feels like.  All in all, it doesn’t actually feel bad, just tender – a little sore, but that is just evidence that you did the work.  Yeah, well, when I went on that bicycle ride this morning, my legs were screaming; I thought the neighborhood watch was going to call the cops or something.

But seriously; I almost couldn’t finish the ride this morning – it was actually painful.

So, I decided that it was too much; I am so far out of shape that I can’t do 20 minutes of exercise a day yet.  Notice that I used the conditional “yet” – I will get there.  I am just cutting it down to biking once a day in the morning for 10 minutes, and seeing how that goes for the rest of this week.

And, before anyone says anything, yes, I’m super out of shape – but when I bike, I don’t let the wheels “cycle” either, unless I absolutely can’t pedal; I treat it like an exercise bike, and I pretend that if I don’t constantly pedal, it will stop moving.  So, when I say 20 minutes of constant cardiovascular exercise, I mean 20 full minutes of my throat feeling raw and my lungs attempting to escape my chest while my legs attempt to fall off.

I have even clocked how far I ride my bicycle with the odometer on my car – it takes me 10 minutes to ride 1.8 miles.  So I average about 10mph on my bicycle, which I don’t think is bad.  Especially since it keeps my heart rate up constantly while I’m doing it.

The moral of this story is, if you’re starting out exercising, please don’t feel like you need to do EVERYTHING in the first week or else you’re going to fail.  Take it in small steps – and, like me, if you feel like your body is telling you you’re doing to much, tone it down.  The fat’s not going anywhere (unfortunately xD); it will wait for you to work it off.  You don’t have to get rid of all of it RIGHT NOW.

That being said, my rice and steamed vegetables just finished, so I’m going to go eat. 🙂

EDIT: Ok; so I lied – one picture.  This is my dinner – steamed brown rice and mixed veggies, with sesame seeds for protein! ^-^ It’s really good – once again, pixelated cell phone picture – I really need to find my camera …