So … this is the second recipe that I made last Sunday to eat this week … And let me just say that it didn’t exactly come out the way that I envisioned.  Actually, it didn’t really come out like soup at all. My verdict as far as putting it together is that I lack the culinary skill at this time to make soup … Or at least, I lack the culinary skill to make this soup, in any case.

I’m not sure that the above picture looks like much more than some orange goo as far as you’re concerned (again, had no camera, had to use cell phone this week and probably next week) but let me assure you that the texture of this concoction is nothing like soup.  It’s a lot more like mashed potatoes.  Which is really weird if you’re expecting soup, trust me.

And honestly, I don’t know what I did wrong – I followed the instructions exactly as they were, (and by the way, the recipe came from here), and everything went perfectly fine … Until I got to the part where you “simmer until the potatoes are just tender”.  That basically never happened – it took forever, even though my stove was turned down as low as I could possibly get it, and it cooked away any and all liquid so that it turned into this dry sticky lumpy mess …

This is what it looked like after like, a half an hour of cooking, maybe 45 minutes, when I was starting to get bored.  You can see that it is still very obviously cubes of potatoes, mixed in with tomatoes and some other stuff … And at this point I could slice it in half with the wooden spoon – you could hear that crunchy sound that happens when you slice raw vegetables.

So, it clearly wasn’t done at this point – and it wasn’t done after an hour either.  Yeah; eventually I got fed up and took it off the stove, added some almond milk to make it a little soupier, and used the electric mixer to basically smash them up … hence why it seems to be mashed potatoes – but I couldn’t see cooking it for longer than an hour and a half – I had to add in liquid several times because it kept cooking down to nothing and I didn’t want anything to stick to the pan or get really dry …

All in all it was a very frustrating experience, and my sweet potato “soup” doesn’t look anything like the picture from the website that tells me how it’s supposed to look. (see below)

Here it’s pictured from the site with the quiche I made on Sunday as well.  However, I’m not knocking the taste – though I don’t think it yielded as much as it was supposed to, I tasted it when it was finished and it definitely was pretty good – it didn’t taste bad by any means.

I just apparently have some sort of mental block or lack of capability as far as soup is concerned.  Look at how delicious it’s supposed to look – garnished with those little purple Borage flowers; doesn’t it look really good?  I thought it did (hence my attempt at making it) but … Mine didn’t look anywhere near as appetizing as that one did.

I would say maybe next time I’d do something differently, but I’m just sad I wasted four perfectly good little sweet potatoes, so there probably isn’t going to be a next time … As for the mashed potatoes I have now, I’ll probably just eat them with some steamed vegetables or something – like I said, this concoction tastes fine, it’s just not the soup I intended to make …