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Red Wine :D

No no; I don’t mean ‘whining’ like complaining – I mean wine like the drink!  There are a lot of studies out there that say a glass of red wine can do wonders for your health … And let me just say that I have a really hard time with this little tidbit of information I learned …

The antioxidants in wine are said to keep your heart healthy – but like most antioxidant-full foods, I can’t stand eating.  A prime example is blueberries; most people love them.  I can’t stand them – and I have tried them a million and one different ways and different times.  I’ve tried them ripe, over ripe, and under ripe – I’ve had them mashed, jellied, in all sorts of pies and confections … I just cannot  stand blueberries.  And, like them, I honestly just don’t like the taste of alcohol – of most kinds.  Which apparently is kind of a shame because I can drink like a fish; I can out-drink most of my friends (as far as I know) … But I just don’t like to drink it leisurely, and I have yet to find an alcohol with a taste that I can pallet without it being a horrible experience …

However, for the health benefits, I always try to move above and beyond my taste buds – hence why I’ve tried blueberries so many times and have failed so spectacularly.  Well, it’s the same with red wine; getting through 6 to 8 ounces a day or so is pretty brutal, and it’s not even really that much.

Lambrusco Emilia

This is the first time I ever bought this type of alcoholic beverage, I had to ask the man standing at the counter to recommend a very fruity red wine – he directed me to this ginormous vat of booze, pictured to the side – it’s called Lambrusco Emilia, and it’s a “soft Italian Red Wine”.  And true to form, it tastes sort of like slightly tart grape juice with a weird after taste … And as you can see, I bought the biggest bottle I that was available – it only cost $15, so I figured why not? If I was going to be drinking it every day, it would be easier and cheaper than buying a bunch of smaller bottles during the week, right?  Well, so far, I have been drinking it once a day all week, or at least as often as I could stand it, (I think I missed a couple days …) and this bottle is about 3/4 of the way gone.  And, after drinking it for a while … I’m still not really used to the taste.  I guess I’m a weird young person – not liking the taste of alcohol and what not … xD

Usually I drink it while I’m preparing dinner, or while I’m eating dinner, because the other tastes help to cancel out the flavor of the wine … And I can’t really say that I’ve noticed much of a difference, and I’m not sure it’s really worth spending $15/week on alcohol that I don’t even really like, but … Well, as it stands I’m doing pretty well health wise, so we’ll see if I decide this is a worth-while investment or not.

Many people who probably think I’m crazy will most likely have no where near the amount of trouble downing a glass of this stuff on a daily basis; I really need to get over my troubles with foods that are high in antioxidants …

Now if I could just get behind eating dark chocolate …


Recipe: Avocado Reuben

Avocado Rueben


Alright; this is going to be a quick post – been super busy today, running all over the place, and making birthday presents for my friends … But anyway – here is your recipe for today; a delicious Avocado Reuben, with vegan Thousand Island Dressing, which has half the calories and a tiny fraction of the cholesterol to boot!  Also, I think it’s way more delicious than the stuff you get out of the bottle at the supermarket for 99cents or whatever. xD

Vegan Thousand Island Dressing

If you click on this link, you’ll find the recipe I used for it – super easy and quick after you’ve whipped up 2 cups of Thousand Island dressing.  So far the dressing has lasted through four sandwiches, and I still have plenty of it left. I’m out of avocados though, so I’ll need to go back to the market on Saturday and get more – hopefully the dressing will keep in my refridgerator until then.

Also, another excellent discovery that I made during this week was a little thing called Veganaise, which you need to make this Thousand Island dressing … It’s really cool – but it’s more like Miracle Whip than mayonnaise – I’ll probably review it on my blog sometime in the future when I buy more … Though it may be a while; for a pretty small jar it was $6, and I don’t have much left after cooking for this weekend … I wanted to use all of it so that it didn’t go to waste like my vegan cheese did, which was also expensive – the stuff that was left over from my pizza exploits (which I don’t remember if posted here or not) and my macaroni and cheese (also not posted here I don’t think … wow I’m slacking) went bad sitting in my fridge for a week unused … I didn’t want the same thing to happen, since I am pretty poor …

Cooking up a delicious Reuben! =)

And one last picture to the right of the reuben in a frying pan;  I ended up using pumpernickel bread only because, though it was a complete toss up between rye and pumpernickel, they were putting out the darker bread when I happened to be at the grocer, and I decided that since I knew it was literally fresh out of the oven, I’d grab a loaf of that, since it was the same price and size as the rye they carry as well.

Also, a word to the wise on the avocado – the recipe calls for half of one for this sandwich; I recommend toning it down a little.  I used a whole half on my first sandwich and it was too much – I’ve made a couple since then, and have used anywhere between a quarter and a third of an avocado, and it was much better I thought.  In my opinion, less is more in this case … (Unless your avocados are small; mine were on the larger side.  Perhaps that’s why it seemed like there was too much?)  Also, if you keep the heat down and move the bread a little as it cooks, you can avoid using oil altogether, if you want to – though the tiny bit of olive oil does make it brown more nicely.  I tried it both ways and found I could sacrifice a few extra calories for the delicious crispiness of the bread when the sandwich was finished.

This is definitely one of my new favorites – I will probably make this again many times in the future!  I’ve already had three this week (the fourth one I made for a friend when she was over, and she really liked it!) and I am only stopping now because I’m out of avocado …

Anyway; hope you end up trying it out – it really is absolutely delicious!

Sunday for the Week Menu 5-6-12

Yummy Food! Fresh Berries from the Market, Broccoli Potato Latkes, and Vegan Potato Salad! 😀

Ok, so it had been WAAAAAY too long since I posted here!  I had been in the habit of posting every day, but some things happened, so I ended up taking a week off … Not really in a good way, but I’m back so it’s all good … 🙂

I had to cancel my appointment to go to a spa on Friday because I was bad last week … But there was a reason!  And, I am sticking to my reward system – no bike riding equals no professional leg waxing for RaeynnBeau!  Anyway, the reason I’ve been missing, and the reason I didn’t keep up with my exercise routine this past week are one in the same.  Last Sunday, April 29th, we (and by we I mean my cousin, uncle, and myself) redid almost the entirety of the landscaping in my grandparents’ backyard – originally, we had several gardens ringed with flagstones … Well, for seven hours, we dug up giant stones, hauled them away with a wheel barrel, re-edged the gardens, and carted/shoveled mulch to re-finish them.

… I thought I was going to die.

Everything looks nice now, except for one garden we didn’t get to yet, but … That’s on the to-do list.  And let me tell you, I am NOT looking forward to it.  But anyway; on to the bad behavior of this past week – after that seven hours, my body hurt for the entire week.  I kid you not – I woke up every morning stiff, sore, and tired, and I couldn’t even LOOK at my bicycle … So, I didn’t ride at all last week, and I didn’t have the energy to do much of anything besides go to work and sleep.

However, now I’m all rested up, so hopefully I’ll get back on track this week!

In other news, I also skipped out on the market last week because I was doing research late on Friday for a final paper I needed to write, and when my alarm went off at 6:00 I hit the snooze button and that was the end of that … xD So, since I didn’t have any ingredients to cook with last week, I didn’t have anything to post for “Sunday for the Week”, even if I had felt up to writing something – my meals last week consisted of fruit left over from the previous week, pecans, almonds, and brown rice with steamed vegetables.  Hurrah … Probably the worst week since I became a vegan; I’m going to try as hard as I can never to skip the market again xD

To make up for my lack of recipes last week, this week, I made twice as many things as I normally do – four recipes instead of two! 🙂  You’ll soon be seeing recipes for Broccoli Potato Latkes, Vegan Potato Salad, a Vegan Reuben (made with avocado instead of corned beef/turkey), and even a Vegan “Tuna” Salad!  (Which, if you don’t mind spoilers, I have to say, is SURPRISINGLY delicious) I’m here now to tell you guys that I’m back as far as blogging – I don’t have time to post a recipe right now (the last of my latkes are actually still uncooked, and one is in the pan sizzling away behind me) but look for them in the near future!

I should be back to posting every day again now; sorry for that little hiatus – yard work was such a terrible invention.  I have no idea who thought of it, but I would probably NOT be their friend … ^^;;