Sunday for the Week Menu 5-6-12

Yummy Food! Fresh Berries from the Market, Broccoli Potato Latkes, and Vegan Potato Salad! 😀

Ok, so it had been WAAAAAY too long since I posted here!  I had been in the habit of posting every day, but some things happened, so I ended up taking a week off … Not really in a good way, but I’m back so it’s all good … 🙂

I had to cancel my appointment to go to a spa on Friday because I was bad last week … But there was a reason!  And, I am sticking to my reward system – no bike riding equals no professional leg waxing for RaeynnBeau!  Anyway, the reason I’ve been missing, and the reason I didn’t keep up with my exercise routine this past week are one in the same.  Last Sunday, April 29th, we (and by we I mean my cousin, uncle, and myself) redid almost the entirety of the landscaping in my grandparents’ backyard – originally, we had several gardens ringed with flagstones … Well, for seven hours, we dug up giant stones, hauled them away with a wheel barrel, re-edged the gardens, and carted/shoveled mulch to re-finish them.

… I thought I was going to die.

Everything looks nice now, except for one garden we didn’t get to yet, but … That’s on the to-do list.  And let me tell you, I am NOT looking forward to it.  But anyway; on to the bad behavior of this past week – after that seven hours, my body hurt for the entire week.  I kid you not – I woke up every morning stiff, sore, and tired, and I couldn’t even LOOK at my bicycle … So, I didn’t ride at all last week, and I didn’t have the energy to do much of anything besides go to work and sleep.

However, now I’m all rested up, so hopefully I’ll get back on track this week!

In other news, I also skipped out on the market last week because I was doing research late on Friday for a final paper I needed to write, and when my alarm went off at 6:00 I hit the snooze button and that was the end of that … xD So, since I didn’t have any ingredients to cook with last week, I didn’t have anything to post for “Sunday for the Week”, even if I had felt up to writing something – my meals last week consisted of fruit left over from the previous week, pecans, almonds, and brown rice with steamed vegetables.  Hurrah … Probably the worst week since I became a vegan; I’m going to try as hard as I can never to skip the market again xD

To make up for my lack of recipes last week, this week, I made twice as many things as I normally do – four recipes instead of two! 🙂  You’ll soon be seeing recipes for Broccoli Potato Latkes, Vegan Potato Salad, a Vegan Reuben (made with avocado instead of corned beef/turkey), and even a Vegan “Tuna” Salad!  (Which, if you don’t mind spoilers, I have to say, is SURPRISINGLY delicious) I’m here now to tell you guys that I’m back as far as blogging – I don’t have time to post a recipe right now (the last of my latkes are actually still uncooked, and one is in the pan sizzling away behind me) but look for them in the near future!

I should be back to posting every day again now; sorry for that little hiatus – yard work was such a terrible invention.  I have no idea who thought of it, but I would probably NOT be their friend … ^^;;