Alright; so as promised, here is a blog post about Tapout XT.

Let me tell you, this workout is brutal – and I don’t even do the whole frigging thing.

Well, let’s back up – let’s talk about getting this box in the mail.  I ordered it last week, and it came on Tuesday, so it took about 5 business days or so to get here, which was pretty awesome I thought.  So, I get this cool black box in the mail, and I open it up – and this is what’s inside.

So much stuff!

There’s the DVD Collection, the bonus Strike Training DVD, the Nutrition Guide, the bonus 10 Day Jumpstart Nutrition Guide (which basically tells you to pack your diet FULL of protein), a Tapout XT Logo Decal, a Tapout XT Towel (which trust me, the commercial wasn’t lying – you need it), a small rubber-ish resistance band, a workout calendar …  But, for $150+shipping, I would expect to get a box full of stuff.  And there was the usual advertising about other products you could get from them – bands with more resistance, a spray-energy for before the work out to keep you energized – probably some more stuff I don’t remember too.  On the back of the Work Out Calendar, there is a Fitness Guide – and actually, this is something I think is really cool.  There is a chart so you can keep track of your progress!  This is what it looks like:

Fitness Guide Chart

There’s a place for pictures, as well as places to record your weight, jean size, chest, bicep size, and waist size, and you record these measurements on the first day, after 10 days, after one month, two months, and three months, which is how long it purportedly takes for you to get ripped.  Well, I mostly want some muscles, not to be ripped or anything, but I’ll take what I can get … Anyway, here’s my chart after I filled it out and everything:

You may notice that I added another category on my chart – the circumference of my thigh, which is 27″, as you can see above.  I wanted to keep track of that, because one of my biggest problems with being over weight is how my thighs rub together and create that nasty chaffing when I wear a skirt unless I use ten-thousand square pounds of baby powder … So hopefully I’ll see some results there.  I’ve spared you all my “Day One Photo” because no one wants to see that ^^;;  But ya’ll get to see what I filled in: Weight = 188 (I rounded up; it’s actually 187.5), Jean size = 15 (or at least, I wear a size 15 pants, but actually those are a little big on me after I’ve lost this 25lbs) Chest = 44″ (and I would NOT mind at all if this shrank up a bit). bicep is 14″, which I don’t know if that’s good or bad, and my Waist, I was pleasantly surprised by – I’ve had a 38″ waist for the past like, 4 years or so, but when I measured it, it was actually 37″ now.  I lost an inch!  ::insert happy dance here::

So, today is the second day that I have done this workout regiment; yesterday was Cross Core Combat, and today was Strength & Force Upper and Ultimate Abs. Let’s start with Cross Core Combat, since I did that one first.

It started off alright; I kept up with the whole warm up, and managed to get through just about everything for the first eight to ten minutes or so … And then it started getting pretty tough.  By the time we got to pushups, I wasn’t doing so hot … To be fair, I already knew I couldn’t do a regular push-up – well, at least not too many.  I did like, 3 real ones before I started doing all modified push-ups, which is basically putting your knees on the ground instead of your toes.  But that wasn’t so bad.  Also water breaks. I’ve never done a workout/exercise/aerobic video that gave you a water break before, and I’ve done quite a few.  But this one has regularly spaced water breaks that are about 15 seconds long – long enough to pick up your bottle, unscrew the cap, drink, and put it down.  The idea is, “it’s called a water break, not a water-stopage”, which I thought was clever the first time.  But after hearing it about ten between today and yesterday, it’s lost it’s clever charm and has slipped into the realms of slightly annoying …

I digress; eventually, we got to a move called the HellCat.  I didn’t even do one.  I looked at the screen, did it in slow motion, carefully, and then saw the pace that the DVD wanted me to do them at, and said yeah, not happening.  ^^;  That and the Grinder were the only two things on the tape that I didn’t at least attempt to do – and that’s because the Grinder consisted of a series of super-fast push-ups and these crazy hops … I don’t know how to explain it, but again saw what they wanted me to do, stared, and said yeah – you’re funny.  I just did modified push ups the entire time that was going on on the DVD because I figured it was a good compromise.  Then we did the cool down and that was that – 45 minutes later I was ready to collapse; not a bad run I guess.

However, I noticed today while I was at work; my body didn’t hurt, which is good because I wouldn’t have been happy with that, and I might have had to re-think this whole work out thing.  I am not in this to be in pain, that’s for sure … But I noticed that I could feel a dull sort of ache when I moved certain ways, like when I squatted to file in a low cabinet drawer, or stretched to reach something on a shelf – that kind of thing.  Which I thought was interesting, and meant that my body had definitely felt the burn from yesterday.

Alright; now on to today – Strength & Force Upper and Ultimate Abs.  And actually, though today every other move was some kind of push up that I did a modified version of, and I couldn’t do all of every move, Strength & Force Upper wasn’t as bad as the Cross Core Combat from yesterday, I thought.  I even managed to do the Killer Move for today ( it was called the Kalensky Chops or something funky like that) – whereas yesterday I didn’t even attempt it, today I actually kept up with the tape for two of the four sets, and finished at the same time as the tape with less reps on the last two.  I was actually pretty proud of myself for it.

And then we got to Ultimate Abs.  Now, I thought, prior to today, that because I can do a few hundred crunches without destroying myself, that I had a pretty good set of abs – obviously they’re covered in fat and not AMAZING, but when I went to this DVD after Strength and Force Upper not being so bad, I figured that this would be alright.   Especially because Strength & Force Upper was almost an hour long work out, and Ultimate Abs was only something like 15 minutes.  Yeah.  It’s now 4 hours after doing this work out, and my abdomen still hurts when I sit up – I even slept for a couple hours!  Ultimate Abs was brutal – I didn’t even do all of the reps for all of the moves we were supposed to do!  I was totally shocked – and I’m especially shocked that I can still feel it so strongly …

So either my abs sucked more than I thought, or holy crap that was an intense 15 minutes.

Tomorrow is something called Plyo XT – I have no idea what that even means … And Sunday is Yoga XT.  I don’t know how you can make Yoga into Extreme Training (that’s what the “XT” stands for) but I wouldn’t put it past this guy …

In the meantime, I’ll probably post some cooking/baking stuff and just give updates on my TapOut exploits – this will probably be the only TapOut-centric post until the 10 day mark, and then the 30, 60, and 90 days to see how I’m doing as far as my weight and the size of things … I was also considering making a YouTube channel to sort of track my TapOut XT progress – I recorded a video on my phone, but I haven’t done anything with it yet … So we’ll see if anything comes of that – I’ll keep you posted.

So, until next time, which will probably be about my rewards system, or maybe my Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge cake … (I can see y’all drooling … xD)