Alright, so I had an idea, but I wanted some feedback before I went ahead with it, because it’s going to be a pretty time consuming thing if I do it. And I don’t want to go through all that rigamaroll if no one cares xD

I was thinking that maybe it would be easier for people to see my results and understand what I’m doing with TapOut if they saw it instead of reading it … So I thought maybe I’d make a YouTube channel and record my progress there as well …


I thought it would leave less room for speculation/having to figure out what I’m describing when I write updates on my blog, and let’s face it – usually purple would prefer to watch a video than read a blog xD But never fear – if you like my quirky blog posts, let me, know, and I will continue writing blog updates on it as well! 🙂

It’s your call!

Right now I don’t have a computer that can handle intense video editing (the hard drive in my desktop literally melted, and my laptop is senile and cranky xD) so this poll will be open until December 31st, 2012. By then hopefully I’ll have my new desktop built and operational, and it’ll be after the holidays so my life will have calmed down a bit (maybe), so I should be able to start up with video/blog updates, whichever you vote for. Or both, if that’s what you want.

Either way, expect to see the results of your votes the first of the year! :3

And now, for the poll!