Alright, so recently I have been on an oatmeal and orange juice kick for breakfast – I stop at McDonald’s on my way to work and get a fruit and maple oatmeal and a small oj every morning. Ever since I was really sick actually,  because hey, a little extra vitamin C never hurt anyone. Especially not someone who was sick. Or had scurvy.  Not that I had scurvy. Because I didn’t.


So, I realized Friday that I’m spending $5 every single day on a half cup of oatmeal with some raisins, apples, and maple syrup and 12oz of orange juice.  Which is $35/week. Could I be saving money here somewhere, and maybe even be a little healthier?

Well, I decided to find out.

So, I went to Wegman’s last Saturday morning and purchased oatmeal, raisins, craisins, maple syrup, and orange juice. No apples because I can’t be arsed to chop them up every morning, and I don’t really miss them. I also bought some bread so I can also have a slice of toast along with my oatmeal in the morning.  But anyway, all of this cost me a little under $30 – so I figure that if it can last me 6 days I break even; more than that and I’m saving money, and at the same time eating a little more and a little better. :]

So, here was breakfast today:


Honey and peppermint tea (which I always drink anyway), Mango orange juice, flax seed oatmeal with raisins and craisins, maple syrup to taste, and a slice of multigrain toast with sunbutter and baobab jelly, which is amazing and will get it’s own blog post eventually. xD


So, here’s what I use for the oatmeal – I got a variety pack of organic oatmeal because I couldn’t decide what flavor I wanted. Then I got some (again organic) raisins and dried cranberries or “craisins”, some organic pure maple syrup  and the honey I already had (for my tea). Which I actually didn’t add to the oatmeal today because I didn’t think I needed it. As for the toast …


This is what’s on top of it – sunbutter, which is basically peanut butter made of sunflower seeds instead of peanuts, and safe for anyone who has allergies to peanuts/tree nuts, and baobab jelly. Which as previously noted is amazing, and well get it’s own blog post. Probably soon.


Lastly, this is the orange juice – as I said it’s mango orange juice, because I just die for mangoes, but of course it comes in plain oj, and other flavors as well I believe. As you can see though, it’s pretty far gone already, and I’ve only had 2 glasses. It says there’s 7 servings in one bottle, but it looks like just eyeballing it every day I’m only going to get 5 or so. And I noticed that I keep having trouble finishing all if the juice I pour, so I think I’m going to have to measure out 8oz from now on. We’ll have to see if I’m that invested. ^^;;

So far so good – I don’t know what the calorie difference is yet, but there are 8 packages of oatmeal in the variety box, there are supposed to be 7 servings of oj, lots of raisins/craisins/syrup, lots of bread/jelly/sunbutter … I’ll be back with the results of this little experiment after a week or so, with cost/calorie/nutrition comparisons. :]

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