So, decided to make a tofu scramble for breakfast … So at 6:00am, I looked up a recipe online, looked around the fridge to see what veggies I had laying around, and got to work. :]



The recipe I found, which you can also find if you click here … And interestingly, this recipe, besides the normal cumin, tumerick, and soy sauce that you usually use, also calls for apple cider vinegar, garlic, and orange juice/zest.  I’ve never seen oranges called for in tofu scramble before – I was really excited to try it!

So, I copied up my vegetables – I didn’t take this picture until halfway through the prep, so you can see my vidalia onion, asparagus, and green pepper are already done, the clementine orange is grated but not juiced, the romaine lettuce isn’t cut … And I didn’t find my cumin powder or coconut nectar until afterwards …

But you get the idea. xD

Anyway, the recipe calls for vegan butter, but I didn’t have any and I didn’t really want the extra calories from it any way – but I wanted a little more flavor than just doing it in water, so I decided to use a little extra virgin olive oil.

While that was heating, I drained my container of extra firm tofu and squished it between several layers of paper toweling a few times.  Then, I put it on some more dry paper toweling and sliced it into pieces, folded the paper towel over and squished it again to get out as much water as possible so that it would absorb the delicious spices and orange juice and stuff instead.  If I end up doing this more often, I might have to get a tofu press …

Anyway, at that point the oil was hot, so I added the onion, peppers, asparagus … And of course, it started spitting and making all sorts of noise because it was hot oil and there was still a little cold water on the veggies.  I get super nervous when the frying pan makes noise and steams and spits, because … I don’t know, just because I guess xD So I turned it down to medium heat from medium high and continued on my way.

Half the spices and liquids (except the orange ingredients and coconut nectar, which is what I prefer to use instead of agave nectar), like the recipe says.  Then I stirred it up every now and again while I was juicing that orange and finding my cumin powder and coconut nectar, and this and that … And then, once the onions started to turn translucent, I added the tofu, more spices, liquids, nectar and orange ingredients and up good.


There’s a picture, complete with my slotted wooden soon :]

I cleaned up my workspace while it cooked down. I will say that the recipe says to cook it for 4-5 minutes, but mine needed almost 10, and when I added the tofu I turned the heat up to high.  But for some reason the liquid would just not cook down for anything …

However, the end result was absolutely delicious!! O: I was really wow’d by this recipe, and I think a lot of it had to do with the orange juice/zest, and the coconut nectar (or agave nectar, but it’s really almost exactly the same). I’ve never added sweet/citrus to tofu scramble before, and I must say, the subtle complexity of flavor it added was stellar! Will definitely be making this again …

Definitely an A+ recipe – if you’re in the market for a tofu scramble recipe, check this one out!

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‘Til we meet again!
~ RaeynnBeau