TapOut XT

Alright; updates all around :]

So, my computer is up and running (though for whatever stupid reason it still won’t let me play Diablo III or WoW, but that’s a gripe for a different day), and so is my camcorder … I think.  We’ll see if it’s doing what I want it to do when I record myself exercising or not.  I have the sneaking suspicion I need to find a better place to put it, or maybe to somehow get the camera at a higher angle …

But I digress.  With all this talk of cameras, and if you read the title of this post, you’ve probably already figured out what this update is about.  Results are in … Not many results, but enough that I decided to go for it – I made a YouTube channel and everything!  If you want to check it out (though right now there’s nothing there xD) the URL is: http://www.youtube.com/user/TwiceBoiledCabbage

Of course, in order for me to post a progress report, I would have to have made some progress … And I am pleased to inform that I have gone back to exercising every day – and counting calories too!  Along with recording … So we’ll see how this goes.  I haven’t tried to edit any videos yet, and I don’t really have enough tapes to record for the whole week because I had a moment of stupid and forgot that most TapOut workouts are 45-60 minutes long … And I only have 4 tapes at 60 minutes long.  So I’m still working out the logistics there – I’m hoping I can put the video on my computer and tape over it, because my camcorder won’t record video unless it’s to a mini DV tape.  For some odd reason.  Lots of bugs.  But hopefully I”ll have a decent video recorded for Sunday (which is my first rest day!)

I am thinking I’m going to update videos once a week – that’s 12 videos altogether, because it’s a three week long exercise regiment.  I sort of want to update twice a week really, but I don’t want to do exercise twice … So maybe I’ll shoot the Sunday for the week recipes I post here when I can be arsed and post them on Wednesday or something xD  I don’t know; we’ll see.

I’ll post here when my first video comes up!  Just wanted to put a post here so that y’all know to go and watch it! :3