So – still no video, but I’m fixing to work on it after work… I think I might download the free trial of Vegas Pro, because I’m just having no luck with Windows Movie Maker or Jashaka. Or whatever it’s called. And I’m just super frustrated.

But anyway, that’s not why I’m here.  I’m here to let all of you in on a fact that I want aware of … Though after I post this, I’m sure a hundred people are going to comment that this is a no-duh statement … (Actually, if I got a hundred comments, even negative ones, I’d be excited xD) Alright … So my groundbreaking statement is …

Not all honey is created equally.

Wait, wait – let me explain before you just walk out in exasperation! ^^;; So, I ran out of honey for my tea, and I ran to the grocery store on my lunch break to get more.  When I got there, they didn’t have the stuff I’ve been using – I think it was designer blossom honey or something. Now, I’ve had honey made from all sorts of flowers and whatnot, and from my experience, thigh there are taste differences, its all sweet gloppy stuff that worlds (in my opinion) the same as or better than sugar.  So, I just grabbed one off of the shelf because as far as I was concerned, honey is honey is honey.  This little beauty is what I ended up with:


As the label states, this is buckwheat honey – which  I’ve never tried before.  So, I skipped merrily to the cash register, blissfully unaware of what I was purchasing.  Honestly, do you see how dark that bottle is? The lighting isn’t really bad in thus picture, it really does look like that … I think my thought prices was something along the lines of “well, it looks like molasses, and that’s sweet, so this will be fine.”

Motor oil looks like molasses too, but I’m pretty sure that’s not sweet.

… I don’t even know.

So, I get it and put it in my desk, all ready for my tea the next morning.  I come in, I get my tea, pour in my normal waaaaay too much honey … No, but seriously I dump like, 3tbsp of honey in a small cup of tea xD Anyway, I poured it in, I mixed it up, let it sit to cool, took a sip … … And probably made a really hilarious face, actually, in retrospect.

It had the weirdest, slightly bitter edge to it … I might have thought the cream had gone bad, except I don’t use cream in my tea … Looking suspiciously at the culprit, I dabbed a little honey on my soon to taste it straight … And sure enough, though it was sweet, it had this weird tang to it … I checked the date on it and its fine for several more months, so I assume for some reason buckwheat makes honey taste … Strange.

I guess this is sort of just a cautionary tale – know what honey tastes like from different sources before you spend like, $12 on it xD I’m going to use it because I don’t want it to go to waste, but basically lesson learned – from now on, I’ll buy honey made from flower blossoms.  Or just honey that’s actually gold instead of like thin molasses. Or something.

Hopefully the YouTube video will be up tonight or tomorrow ^^;;