Alright ladies and gentlemen – this is going to be a really quick post.  I just wanted to update quickly on the status of TapOut – I’ve completed it for a month and so, I have rewarded myself accordingly.  I got this cute little netbook to write on, which is actually what I’m posting from now :]  The other thing is that I wanted to share my pictures (I know right? Finally.) Not because I’m particularly comfortable with my body at the moment, but because I actually can see results, and I am pretty surprised by what I saw, because I honestly didn’t expect to be able to tell the difference  between the pictures.  But anyway, I have pictures from the front and from the side.

So … Here’s the front:

Pictures - Front - 1 Month

And here’s the side:

Pictures - Side - 1 Month

As for my measurements, I was just going to post a picture of my filled in grid, but I don’t know if you can see it well enough to read.  I’ll include it, but I’ll type everything out too:

Yay Blurry Grid ...?

Yay Blurry Grid …?

Day Number Weight Jean Size Chest Bicep Waist Thigh
Day 1 207lbs 15* 46″ 15″ 39″ 28″
Day 10 202.5lbs 15* 43″ 15″ 36.5″ 27″
Day 30 195.5lbs 15* 42″ 14″ 36″ 26.5″
*Note: I don’t measure this because I don’t wear jeans! So it’ll always be the same.

My weight loss progress so far:

Day/Week End Weight
Day 1/Week 0 207lbs
Day 7/Week 1 202.5lbs
Day 14/Week 2 195.5lbs
Day 21/Week 3 197.5lbs
Day 28/Week 4 194lbs

Until next time!