So – guess where I’ve been …? Yeah. Sick. I was sick for a good week or so – I actually missed work, which never happens! (I don’t have much sick time, so it’s very precious to me xD) However, because of this … I stopped exercising, somewhere around the middle of TapOut month 2. I’ve missed … probably 2 weeks or so so far – I’m planning on getting back on track over this weekend … And so, of course, I forfeit my Month 2 reward for doing TapOut … The only problem is, I’ve run into a snag – the reward for Mo.2 is my next workout (Insanity). So, if I don’t get it, I won’t be able to continue my workout schedule. And so, at first my solution was to say, ‘well, it’s not my fault I got sick, so it doesn’t count.’ But that’s dumb – all the rewards I came up with are things I really want, so if I start rationalizing when I don’t exercise, that defeats the purpose. So, the solution I came up with is that I’ll get Insanity, but even though I plan on doing the last month of TapOut, I forfeit my reward for completing it. Which I really didn’t want to do, because I REALLY want braces, (I actually have since I was a tween-ager), but … If I don’t tell myself no, then there is no consequence for not exercising. And if the consequence doesn’t suck, then it’s not a very good incentive program, is it? ^^;;; However, I have been getting to the gym once a week for at least an hour to bike, so … I got my sneakers for my one month going to the gym goal! šŸ˜€ They’re orange and black Nikes – sand anyone who knows me won’t be surprised by this fact … But it wasn’t because of the color, I swear! They were honestly the most comfortable shoes I tried on, and I probably tried on a dozen pairs. xD These were the first ones I tried on, and I admit it was because of the color but … The shoes did the talking, and 10-12 pairs later, they still won out … I don’t have a picture right now, but I budgeted $100 for shoes and they were only $60 (I think) because we went to the outlet mall – so I also got a pair of exercise pants that were the exact same color as the sneakers – black with the same orange stripes down the sides – and two black sleeveless shirts. I also got a few more things, so I might put a haul video on my YouTube channel since my desktop had been repaired – I should be able to go back to making videos! :3 Until next time! -RaeynnBeau