… Insane, Insipid, Intolerable, Infuriating, Isochronous, Iterant, Incessant, Interminable …

Take your pick; there are a lot of adjectives. Also I like alliteration xD


So, let’s talk about this workout. I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and, simple; I packaged it up to return it today, because I decided it was a waste of money.  Now, let me explain my decision.

Three weeks ago, I ordered Insanity, and it got to me in about 5 days, which was great. I opened it up and was really excited for it. In fact, I filmed a YouTube video that I’m still editing as an introduction to the Insanity series that I’m not going to be able to complete.  For the past two weeks, I have been doing these workouts faithfully every day, and honestly, I’m not impressed. 

They’re hard – make no mistake, I’ve yet to get through more than the first half hour of any given without. But, I expected it to be hard; that’s not one of the problems I have.  There are two problems; first off, I can only do half the without, and what I do do is very strenuous and makes me hurt for several days after the fact. I stopped last Saturday and it’s Tuesday and I still feel like I pulled all of the muscles in my body …

I expected this to be intense, but I’m not into pain. I don’t like hurting when I wake up in the morning and dreading getting up. I don’t like that burning, coughing feeling in my throat and lungs I get during and after the workouts. Also, I drink as much water as I’m supposed to, and yet I cramp up like I never have before, even when doing other intense workouts like TapOut. So, basically this workout regiment isn’t compatible with me; admittedly I lost almost eight pounds in 10 days or so, but a s I’ve said before that’s really not healthy …

Anyway, the other thing I am bothered by is the fact that I bought the deluxe edition, which requires three payments of $80 plus tax and shipping, but so far, it feels like I’m doing the same Cardio-intensive work out over and over again.  If I’m going to spend upwards of $200 on something, I want variety in how I beat myself up every day.  I mean, it’s different moves, but it’s the same tempo, same pattern of going hard for a long time, rest and check your heart rate, go harder for a longer time, rest less and check your heart rate, etc. I don’t know – I just feel like I should be getting more for my money.

So, I basically decided that I could get a similar Cardio workout at my local gym, which I already pay a membership for anyway, and I won’t feel like

A) I’m dying everyday and

B) I’m not accomplishing anything

Because, honestly, you try doing a workout every single day and never bring able to do more than half of it or so. It’s discouraging.

I will say that if you like Cardio and already have good endurance, this workout is for you.  It’s just not doing it for me, even with the results I got in the first two weeks, which were impressive.  People told me that if I wanted to loose weight, do Insanity. They were definitely right, but unfortunately the ends just don’t justify the means for me.

I am going to get myself the two week goal reward for Insanity, since I did do that, and really, this works out well – Insanity was supposed to be the two month reward for TapOut, but I only did about a month and two weeks of it before I got sick and stopped. I night the next workout to continue working out on schedule, and now I’m not keeping Insanity.  ^^;;

I’ll rework my rewards system a little to reflect this choice, but otherwise I’ll finish off the next month just going to the gym and doing Cardio and maybe taking a class or something. ^^;;

Alright – until next time!