5_liquid_diet_68715232_full_1356731723Alright; HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE ^-^

So, to kick-start this new year, I have decided to start up TapOut again.  I think I can do it if I don’t stop in the middle like I did before for a little thing like getting sick … But that won’t stop me this time.

And, I’m kicking off my work out regiment with an all liquid detox for 7 days.  Or at least, I hope it lasts for 7 days; I am finding out that produce really doesn’t, well … produce … much liquid … So we’ll see.  Anyway, in my research, I found out some interesting facts and tips about liquid diets, and I figured I’d share the top 10 things I discovered here, since it was helpful to me …

Alright; when starting an all liquid diet, things to keep in mind:

1. You should be drinking between 64oz and 96oz of juice per day.

2. Try to consume upwards of 1600 calories per day, and absolutely no fewer than 1200!

3. Be sure to count calories to make sure you are eating what you should be.

4. Don’t drink anything freezing cold; drink things at room temp or a little cooler than room temp.

5. Mild headaches and strong cravings are normal for the first few days.

6. Drink at least 16oz of water following each juice meal. (2-3quarts/day)

7. Practice a strictly liquid diet for 7 days for a full detox; new juicers might do better w/3-4 days.

8. Try to add as much citrus to your juices as possible; citrus is great for detoxing.

9. Looking for something sweet?  Try making a fruit juice blend as a ‘dessert’!

10. Listen to your body!  If something seems really wrong, stop the detox!

Let me tell you, I have frequent headaches, so I wasn’t as enthused when I saw that headaches are common on a detox … But then I thought about it, and that sort of makes sense, because you’re getting rid of all the crap you have going on inside yourself, and that probably isn’t too easy to go through, or else there wouldn’t be all this junk gunking up your system in the first place, right?  So, I decided to go through with it anyway.  Today is my first day, and let me tell you what it took to make 32oz of juice for breakfast.

Into my JuiceMan Juicer, I p0106140654ut:

1c Pomegranate Seeds
2 stalks of Celery
1 cored Granny Smith Apple
1/2 Lemon
1 Cucumber
1/2 head of Romaine Lettuce
1/2 head of Kale
2 large handfuls of Seedless Red Grapes
1 Mango
5 or 6 Baby Carrots

At first I was only adding the ingredients you see in the picture.  Which doesn’t include the grapes, mango, or carrots – but there wasn’t enough juice!  (Note: if I made this juice again, I would add pears or red apples; something sweet, because the citrus and romaine lettuce were really overpowering) I had to dig around and find other things to add.  Even then all of that didn’t quite do it – I had to add about half a cup of water and some ice cubes to fill up my 32oz Nalgene waterbottle.  Which you can see below:

0106140718However, I couldn’t really think of anything else to add – I mean, I have a couple of grape fruits, some red apples, and some pears, but … all of this produce was supposed to last me a week, and right now I’m not even sure it’s going to last me 5 days!  And I have to stretch this to 2 meals every day.  Yeah, this ought to be fun. However, to be fair, it did make some really pretty colors in the little juicer cup thing when I was making it.

0106140658 0106140710  The picture to the left is the first half of the ingredients, so the pomegranate seeds, the apple, the celery, lemon, cucumber, and apple, while the picture on the right is  the other half the ingredients (romaine lettuce, kale, grapes, mango, carrots).  The cup is only a 16oz cup, so I could only juice half of my produce at a time in order to make up the 32oz I was going for for breakfast.

0106140712Anyway, another thing I added to my juice this morning that I thought I would share with you:  Chlorophyll. Yeah.  The green stuff you find in plants.  Apparently you can purchase a concentrated version of it to add into smoothies and juices and all of that good stuff.  The bottle I bought is the one to the left – it’s from Whole Foods, which was a great adventure I went on this past weekend, and was $12 … But since there are 33 servings, I wasn’t too worried about it. ^^;;

According to the package, it boosts your red blood cell count, which is sort of what iron does, and helps get oxygen to all the parts of your body that need oxygen … And I actually have pretty poor circulation, so it’s something I could use a little help with.  I dunno if this will help or not, but I counted out 36 drops of the stuff this morning and added it to my juice.

Also, can I tell you … It takes a LONG time to drink 32oz of juice, and then chug at least 16oz of water afterwards?  I started drinking when I made it at about 7 this morning, and I didn’t finish until about noon or so … And I keep fluctuating between feeling hungry and feeling really uncomfortably full … I’m pretty sure I’ve confused the hell out of my body pretty badly ^^;; But I don’t feel sick, and no headaches worse than normal, so … So far so good.  I’m sitting here, trying to decide if I want to eat the soup I brought for lunch … I’m sure I need the calorie intake, but I am currently feeling uncomfortably full, so I don’t think I want to put anything in my mouth …

Hell, let’s figure out how many calories I’ve eaten so far today.  I’m willing to bet it’s not very many … ^^;;

Produce Quantity Caloric Value
1c Pomegranate Seeds 145 calories
2 Stalks Celery 12 calories
Granny Smith Apple 80 calories
1/2 Lemon 10 Calories
1 Cucumber 46 Calories
1/2 Head Romaine Lettuce 30 calories
Kale 70 Calories
Seedless Red Grapes 250 Calories
Mango 145 Calories
Baby Carrots 75 Calories
Chlorophyll 15 Calories
Total: 878 Calories

Actually … that is a lot more calories than I thought … If I drink another one of these for dinner with a similar caloric intake, I’ll actually make the 1600 calories no problem … Wow.  I’m really surprised.  Especially with how many calories are in grapes o.o;; I had no idea that like, 2 cups of grapes was 250 calories.  That is ridiculous.  Especially because I know they have crappy nutritional value; they’re basically sugar and water, but they’re so delicious.

I guess at the very least this explains why I am so uncomfortably full now …

0106140714Also, the last thing I wanted to mention; I know the machine is a juicer. I know it’s job is to extract juice from produce, as much as possible, and leave behind all of the other junk. But, when I went to clean it out when I was done using it this morning, I was like, totally amazed. The contents of the like, rind and skin catch are to the right, and that is a lot of minced up junk sure … But I was mostly impressed with how dry all that stuff was. Like, it was almost chalky – there was almost no fluid left in it. It wasn’t like sandpaper or anything, but it was definitely extremely lacking in the liquid department, much more than I thought it would be. The only part that you can see a bit of water in is the edge that didn’t really go through the strainer thing – that’s the mango.  Oh also, ProTip? Make sure you take the rind out of the mango before you try to juice it. Like, that hard section in the middle? That doesn’t juice well. Learned that lesson today …

… You thought I wasn’t going to talk about it, didn’t you?

No, I didn’t forget about the second part of the title of this post … … I just don’t want to talk about it.  Because I am so NOT excited for TapOut this time around that … Well, it’s Monday, and I was supposed to get up early to do TapOut this morning … Yeah that didn’t happen.  Hitting snooze and staying in my extremely overheated bed is what happened xD But, I do plan on doing it when I get home from work today … I just really, really don’t want to.

Gotta think positive though; gotta stop saying that … I’m excited for TapOut!  Yaaaaaay TapOut!

… … … Yeah pretty sure that didn’t work.

But I’m gonna do it!  I have a goal!  TapOut I and TapOut II finished by July!  That is my goal.

This is going to be a long 6 months. >_>

Until next time (probably tomorrow), remember:  There’s No Use Boiling your Cabbage Twice.