PF105 two part Large LogoWhy hello there my lovelies 🙂 I am in fact, contrary to popular belief, alive and kicking – my job is just super demanding, and I haven’t had much time to even think as of recently, with my new exercise regiment.  ^^;; I’ve joined the gym near where I live – surprise surprise, it’s  a Planet Fitness (seriously, those things are creeping up everywhere – they’re like cockroaches xD)

Ok ok – hold on a second.

Let me back up and explain how this phenomena occurred with even more shocking news.

I have a Personal Trainer.

Spoiler Alert: I’ve been working with him for about 6 weeks. xD

Anyway; we are revisiting a table from last year – after the move to NYC and everything, I’ve decided to get back on the exercising/weight loss bandwagon.  I actually started at a higher weight than I’ve ever been before – 220lbs – because I gained a good deal of weight when I was in a pretty bad (and by bad I mostly mean depressing) situation, in which I became sedentary and had horrendous eating habits, such as eating whole boxes of twinkies while driving to work.

I was in a bad place, but I’m out of it now, and pretty adjusted to living on my own, so now I’m trying to get back to the healthy and such.  I lost a bit of weight since moving here because I walk around more – I got down to about 188lbs or so before it evened out; 32lbs from basically doing nothing but getting out of a depressing situation is pretty good huh? :] But not enough for me – that was when I decided I wanted to go back to trying to lose more weight.

There wasn’t enough room in my apartment when I tried doing TapOut again, so I’ve had to resort to going to a gym to get myself in shape.  And, I am REALLY bad at motivating myself to leave home to go to a different place to work out.  So I decided to invest in a personal trainer for 4 months to start me off on the right foot.

If anyone’s interested, I can post my total results – the first month was less than impressive; I actually ended up gaining weight (a whole 6lbs I think), but my BMI decreased, so clearly it was muscle weight.

Anyway; at the beginning of month 2 (week 5), I was 194lbs.  That’s when I joined Planet Fitness, in order to do cardio to start cutting weight – I try to get to the gym every day after work, but sometimes it only happens 2x/week.  However, I work out with Suli (my trainer) 3x/week, so it evens out to about 5days of exercise/week at minimum.

As promised, I’m revisiting a chart from last year I made when I was optimistic about exercise and such, before my life jumped off of a cliff.  Survived the fall, nearly drowned, and managed to paddle towards shore.  I haven’t quite made it to solid ground yet, but I’m working on it ^^;;

Desired Goal Reward for Meeting
Weight = 175lbs Gloves/Weapon(s) for Pirate costume
Weight = 160lbs New Exercise/Workout Clothes
Weight = 145lbs Supernatural Devil’s Snare Tattoo
Weight = 125lbs 1 week travel vacation! (Idk where yet xD)
Waist = 28″ OR BMI = 20-25 New Corset and/or Steam Punk Clothes
Personal Training 3x/wk 4mo Mini Dishwasher
Cardio at least 2x/week 1mo Admission/Plans for the Steam Punk World’s Fair
Cardio at least 2x/week 2mo New Bras/Underwear
Cardio at least 2x/week 3mo Light Box
Keep Food Diary Every Day for 1mo Admission/Plans for another Convention next year?

Hopefully this works out; it’s slightly less ambitious than the year’s worth of planning I did in the first post this table appeared in. ^^;; I tend to get obsessive about new, exciting ideas.

Tell me if anyone is interested in my workout progress as far as personal training and such, or if you want to know where I go, or anything like that.

And as always, remember, there’s no use boiling your cabbage twice!

– Cabbage