Let’s see … In March of 2010, I had my gallbladder removed through my naval … No really xD And ever since then I’ve had a hard time eating most any greasy foods, as well as dairy products.  I can eat them alright, they just make me feel rather sick and act like it’s a race to get through my digestice tract …

(Oh Cheese, what a horrible, abusive relationship we’ve developed… if only you’d stop drinking …)

So, I decided that since most grease that I ate came from the consumption of meat,  the best plan would be to try becoming a vegan, and seeing if that had any impact on my diet.  I am pleased to announce that so far so good; it seems to be helping.  I even tested this by cheating to see if it had any effect with a burrito from my local Chipotle. Which has delicious organic ingredients and all that.

Nearly killed me ^^;

Right – in lieu of this discovery, I’ve decied to see how long I can stick to my newfound veganism.