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groceriesAlright; so I’m getting accustomed to things in my new apartment (I just moved into my own place in the Big Apple, yay!) and I realize … I’m running out of food and paper supplies.  Something that I’ve never had to worry about before.  Which means of course, that I will have to purchase these goods myself.  Now, I’ve been grocery shopping before – ever since becoming a (casual) Vegan, I’ve had to buy my own stuff, mostly because a lot of the time, if someone were going to buy food for me, they’d have no idea where to get what I was talking about if I wrote “Carob Chips” or “SO Delicious Dairy Free Vanilla Yogurt” on the list.  Which is fine by me; this weird food is expensive besides – I’ve totally been living on toast for breakfast for the past like, 3 weeks or so ^^;;  I digress; I am going to have to go to the store and buy things that I have never had to buy before.  Toilet paper, napkins, paper toweling … These are all mysterious items of mystery to me – and not only that, but I am definitely afraid that I am going to forget everything when I go.  And it is a bit of a trek to go shopping where I live, so I don’t really want to have to make multiple trips on the weekend when I am supposed to be recuperating from the work week.

grocerylistEx2So, rather than be worried about all of that happening, I decided to find one of those magnetic pads that you stick to your fridge to make lists; sounds like a good plan, right?  Just jot down what you need when you run out of it or getting low, and at the end of the week just go buy what you need.  Notice I said NEED, not WANT – big difference there, I’m finding out.  ^^;; Anyway, on my quest to find a pad, I discovered a tutorial on how to make your own pad – which I thought was great, because that meant I could save money and just print out lists, glue the pages together, and slap a magnet on the back.  Problem solved.  Which would have been perfect if I hadn’t found this template … It is lik, the cutest thing I have ever seen!

You should totally check out the blog and download it here because it is super awesome and totally free :3  But anyway, this page is a full sheet – which means no sticking it to the front of my fridge because I have plenty of other stuff stuck to it.  I can’t add a whole 8.5″x11″ sheet to it too and reasonably expect my fridge to remain upright … ^^;; But this is the shopping list I’m using from now on – is that not the cutest little grocery store you’ve ever seen up there?  And the rainbow coloring of the categories; I love rainbows!  However, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it breaks down things to be sure that you take them with you too, which I desperately need …

In the upper right hand corner, under the date line, it gives you check boxes to grocery-shopping1make sure you remember to bring your coupons, reusable bags, and your shopper’s cards to make sure you save all the money you can.  And, speaking of money, there’s a slot to put your budget at the bottom, as well as what you actually spend, so you can make sure you stay on track.  Add that to large lines with plenty of space to write in, and organized categories, and I’m pretty sure this was made specifically with me in mind.

But, what else can you do to make sure you stay on task and buy what you need, not what you want?  I was really nervous about this, so I’ve been doing some research, because I have a tendency to go overboard when I buy things.  I found this site with the Top Ten Shopping Tips listed on it, and it was super helpful.  A quick summary of what it says:

1. Shop with a list.  Ok; check that one off, since I now have the cutest list in creation at my disposal.
2. Set a budget.  Yeah, I always do that, but sticking to it is the problem …
3. Pay with Cash.  Right now since I’m waiting for my first paycheck that’s not happening…
4. Set a Timeframe. … o.o I have never thought about this before … But it totally makes sense.
5. Pick the best time for You. Well yeah; that means the only time I can go, right? xD
6. Shop alone. Ah, one of the times I don’t envy mothers that have to drag their children everywhere.
7.  Don’t shop when you are tired, hungry, lonely, bored or upset. … All of these things!? o.o;
8. Ask “do I really need this?”… I hate this question.  Which probably means I should ask more.
9. Remember that the sales person is there to sell to you! And they do such a good job too …
10. Don’t buy just because it’s on sale. But, if you’re already buying it, make sure you get the sale!

So, in short, I’ve got … one of these things down.  ^^;; Maybe I’ll write these on the back of my shopping list so that I can remember them when I’m at the store …?  Yeah.  That might work. Hopefully.  Maybe.

We’ll see what my bank account says afterwards.

In the meantime … I hope these tips help you, and I hope you too can have a super cute shopping list to help organize your life!

Remember, there’s no use boiling your cabbage twice!kalyn-grocery-cart


Alright, so recently I have been on an oatmeal and orange juice kick for breakfast – I stop at McDonald’s on my way to work and get a fruit and maple oatmeal and a small oj every morning. Ever since I was really sick actually,  because hey, a little extra vitamin C never hurt anyone. Especially not someone who was sick. Or had scurvy.  Not that I had scurvy. Because I didn’t.


So, I realized Friday that I’m spending $5 every single day on a half cup of oatmeal with some raisins, apples, and maple syrup and 12oz of orange juice.  Which is $35/week. Could I be saving money here somewhere, and maybe even be a little healthier?

Well, I decided to find out.

So, I went to Wegman’s last Saturday morning and purchased oatmeal, raisins, craisins, maple syrup, and orange juice. No apples because I can’t be arsed to chop them up every morning, and I don’t really miss them. I also bought some bread so I can also have a slice of toast along with my oatmeal in the morning.  But anyway, all of this cost me a little under $30 – so I figure that if it can last me 6 days I break even; more than that and I’m saving money, and at the same time eating a little more and a little better. :]

So, here was breakfast today:


Honey and peppermint tea (which I always drink anyway), Mango orange juice, flax seed oatmeal with raisins and craisins, maple syrup to taste, and a slice of multigrain toast with sunbutter and baobab jelly, which is amazing and will get it’s own blog post eventually. xD


So, here’s what I use for the oatmeal – I got a variety pack of organic oatmeal because I couldn’t decide what flavor I wanted. Then I got some (again organic) raisins and dried cranberries or “craisins”, some organic pure maple syrup  and the honey I already had (for my tea). Which I actually didn’t add to the oatmeal today because I didn’t think I needed it. As for the toast …


This is what’s on top of it – sunbutter, which is basically peanut butter made of sunflower seeds instead of peanuts, and safe for anyone who has allergies to peanuts/tree nuts, and baobab jelly. Which as previously noted is amazing, and well get it’s own blog post. Probably soon.


Lastly, this is the orange juice – as I said it’s mango orange juice, because I just die for mangoes, but of course it comes in plain oj, and other flavors as well I believe. As you can see though, it’s pretty far gone already, and I’ve only had 2 glasses. It says there’s 7 servings in one bottle, but it looks like just eyeballing it every day I’m only going to get 5 or so. And I noticed that I keep having trouble finishing all if the juice I pour, so I think I’m going to have to measure out 8oz from now on. We’ll have to see if I’m that invested. ^^;;

So far so good – I don’t know what the calorie difference is yet, but there are 8 packages of oatmeal in the variety box, there are supposed to be 7 servings of oj, lots of raisins/craisins/syrup, lots of bread/jelly/sunbutter … I’ll be back with the results of this little experiment after a week or so, with cost/calorie/nutrition comparisons. :]

In the meantime, you could vote on my poll – it’s open until 12/31/12!